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Karlova Studánka Karlova Studánka

A few tips for local trips

If you are not looking for the ocean or exotic travel, but rather want to enjoy the beauty of the local mountains, don’t waste any time—book your accommodation in our hotel and explore the area of the Jeseníky Mountains.

The small village of Karlova Studánka is far from the stress and noise of modern civilization. It is an ideal place for relaxation stress-relief. We can help arrange spa appointments, which will help relieve your tired body and mind.

Praděd – the highest mountain in the Jeseníky Mountains

Pohled na Praděd

The observation point located on the Praděd peak, at the elevation of 1567 meters, offers a stunning view of the beautiful Jeseníky Mountains. The observation point is just a 15-minute drive from the Hotel Singer. If you are lucky, you will also see mountain goats, which were introduced to the mountain area in 1913. For more information, you can go to Pří

Church of the Virgin Mary

Poutní kostel Panny Marie Pomocné

The Church of Mary Ann is a favorite missionary place with a long history. The original church was demolished in 1973 and 20 years later, the construction began to build the new church. You have the opportunity to enjoy the architectural masterpiece, which was completed in 1995. If you would like more information about this place, this link may interest you.

Sovinec Castle

Hrad Sovinec

It would be a big mistake to skip a visit to Sovinec Castle, a huge medieval castle. The majority of the castle is open to the public and a guide is available to take you through the history of this medieval place. For more information visit the website of the Sovinec Castle.

Mossy Lake Rejvíz

Mechové jezírko Rejvíz

An attractive hike, especially for nature lovers, is the trail to Lake Rejvíz, the mossy lake. Actually, the trail leads to two lakes, a large and small, but unfortunately the small lake is closed to the public. For more information about the nature trail visit Jesení

Priessnitz healing spa in Jeseník

Priessnitzovy léčebné lázně Jeseník

The Gräfenberg Spa, with favorable climatic conditions for spa treatment, is situated on the sylvan slope of Rychlebské Mountains, 620 m above sea level, in the farthest north-eastern spur of Silesia and Moravia. Thanks to its position, Priessnitz healing spa of Jeseník is visible from the wide valley in which the Town of Jeseník, 2 km far from the spa centre, is situated. Visit this website.

Chateau of Loučná nad Desnou

Zámek v Loučné nad Desnou

This chateau is located on the very edge of Loučné nad Desnou. It is one of only five renaissance chateaus in the Šumpersk area, and should not be missed! The well-maintained park of the chateau is worth your attention. For more information about this interesting place visit the website of eJesení .