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State Medical Spa Karlova Studánka

Thanks to its altitude of 800 meters above sea level, Karlova Studánka is the highest spa in the Czechia. The spa surrounded by mountain nature and the valley of the Bílá Opava River is also popular for the cleanest air in Central Europe. Timbered spa buildings underline the picturesque atmosphere.

The highest mountain Praděd

Praděd, with its height of 1491 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains and has the fifth rank among the Czech peaks. There are harsh climatic conditions and the average annual temperature is around 1 °C. Praděd can be reached by several trails, each of which is differently challenging.

Settlement Rejvíz with mossy pond

Rejvíz is a nature reserve where you can visit the education trail. On an area of almost 400 hectares, there is an important habitat, home to many rare and protected plants and animal species.

Zlaté Hory – museum of gold panning

Gold panning has been a tradition in Zlaté Hory since the 10th century, when the first surviving records appear. Gold mining escalated mainly at the end of the 16th century. In the town museum of Zlaté Hory you can visit, for example, a permanent exhibition of the history of the region of Zlaté Hory or learn interesting facts about the history of mining.

Pilgrimage Church of Lady Marie Pomocná

The pilgrimage church of Lady Marie Pomocná, or Maria Hilf, is located only three kilometres from Zlaté Hory. The original wooden chapel from the 18th century, which was later rebuilt into a church, had the Communist regime demolished. Since 1996, however, pilgrimages and holy masses have returned. Most visited is the holy mass of three nations. Pilgrims and priests from the Czechia, Germany and Poland participate.

The town of Vrbno pod Pradědem

You can visit the town of Vrbno pod Pradědem not only by car but also by bike. A cycle path leads across the town. Adrenaline enthusiasts can also try three trails in the local bike park, located near the top of the Vysoká hora. Vrbno pod Pradědem also offers a visit to the Biocentrum rybníky (Bio center with three ponds), bobsled track or sports in the running area, which is located in the city forest with rugged terrain elements.

Sklárna Jakub – Vrbno pod Pradědem

Sklárna Jakub (glassworks) is engaged in the production of historical glass. The long tradition of glass crafts in the Czech lands gave rise to beautiful handmade products. Historical glass requires precise mastering of the workflow, which not only needs to be imitated, but also adapted to modern technology. Each piece of historical glass is unique and inimitable.

Chateau Bruntál

The late gothic chateau from the end of the 15th century stands out through the chateau park and the surroundings of the chateau in the shape of a circular sector with a triangular courtyard with arcades. The original interiors, a collection of paintings, an armoury and a library have been preserved in the chateau. Today the chateau houses a museum.

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